Leonie Groger

Driven by the need for quality tutoring, love and enthusiasm for Mathematics, Creative Maths was established in 2003 by Leonie Groger. During the last 18 years Leonie has assisted more than 900 students.

Leonie & one of her past pupils, Xavier (Smart Science), are currently writing and illustrating an original series of Maths textbooks. This series condenses 20 years of teaching experience into textbooks and online content. The grade 11 and 12 books have been used by students for the last 3 years with great success.


“I firstly want to say a HUGE thank you for teaching Jeanne and of course Lisemarie a few years ago – it has made a tremendous difference in their confidence and of course achievement in the subject!” ~ Dr Liz Hugo

“I cannot express how much you helped me study and learn during my time with you. Leonie was a fantastic Maths teacher, she helped me to excel with the subject and achieve a distinction. Her lessons are still helping me today with university Maths courses and I don’t think I would be surviving without the confidence boosts she helped me attain. I highly recommend them!” ~ Richard Burger

“I joined Leonie for extra Maths and immediately had a brighter outlook and better attitude towards the subjects. My marks dramatically improved within the first few months of extra lessons and am now in my final year, confident that my results will display the excellent teaching and dedication of my tutors. I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend in class!” ~ Tara Cooper

“Thank you dearest Leonie for seeing all 3 of our sons through their school journeys – you are amazing at all that you do and everything that you are to your students. We all salute you and give thanks.” ~ Lee Freemantle

“Thank you so so much Ma’am! Wouldn’t have been possible without you!” ~ Aninke Burger

“Thank you very much for the report back. She really benefits from her time with you.” ~ Caroline Anderson

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