Lit Tutor

Gideon Strydom

MA Afrikaans / MA cum laude Creative Writing

Gideon has been coaching and mentoring students in Afrikaans, English and Creative Writing as a private tutor for the past 13 years with consistent excellent results. He has experience as a curriculum developer and teacher (Cambridge & CAPS). With an intense love for languages and the written word – and an eternal student himself – he completed his BA cum laude Languages & Literature (Unisa), BA Hons cum laude Afrikaans (NMMU), MA Afrikaans (NMMU) and MA cum laude Creative Writing (Rhodes University). Gideon is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

As a published poet and author, he is passionate about literature and sharing this wonderful world with his students. Gideon was a finalist for the 2011/12 Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature. His success as a tutor lies in the personal connection and relationship with each individual student.


“I enrolled my daughter for English HL and Afrikaans FAL with Gideon at the start of her matric year. The best decision I ever made. She passed both subjects with flying colours and she never stressed about the language component of the exams, which gave her the time to focus on her other subjects. I will be enrolling my son for gr11 and 12 with Gideon as well. Gideon’s knowledge and expertise as to what is required to excel in the languages are excellent. Knowing this would give me the peace of mind that my son will be well prepared for exams.” ~ Dalene Johnson

“When my boy came to Gideon for the first lesson of Creative Writing Course, he was 12 y.o. Writing an English test was a nightmare. Writing a story was a trap with no exit. It’s hard to believe that after only two lessons with Gideon my son said: “I think I’ve got it”. Gideon’s done what the school was not able to do in years. Since then there is no stress about writing. I do not know if my son will ever become a journalist or a writer, but I know for sure he is very confident about his writing skills. Now two years later he is still enjoying Gideon’s sessions. No pressure from parents’ side. “It’s fun!” – he says. Gideon has a gift of making it clear and exciting. If there were more teachers of this level at our schools, the world would have gotten many more great talents. Thank you, Gideon! What a privilege to have you as our teacher.” ~ Gala Strauss

“My son Rory, started with Gideon in Gr 9 for Afrikaans FAL due to him struggling at school. In Gr 11 he decided to enroll for English HL as well. He has shown significant improvement in both languages. He has grown in confidence through his one on one sessions with Gideon. This year everything was done online and Gideon was always prepared to go the extra mile for him. As a result of Gideon’s mentorship he’s able to work independently, which has been a godsend as he sits for his matric exams in 2020. Thank you Gideon, you rock.” ~ Charmaine McLeod

“Gideon is an absolutely amazing teacher and mentor. In grade 10 we started classes and over the next 2 years my marks went from low sixties to eighties. I highly recommend using him as a tutor as he is more than simply a wizard of English but also a good friend. English classes became far more enjoyable as he taught me to look at the art of English differently. 10/10 worth the money.” ~ Keegan Devine

The greatest gift that Gideon gave our son through online extra Afrikaans lessons is CONFIDENCE. Confidence in his ability to answer his grade 10 exam questions in a manner that is simple, yet will ensure that he achieves marks for his work. Confidence in understanding literature and interpreting language rules. After each session, our son beams after the session, telling us of new techniques and theory he learnt that was not covered in the private school he attends. After each session, there is a ‘lightbulb’ moment. Gideon has a unique talent to engage with the student in a manner which makes the child look forward to attending the next session and even ask for additional sessions during the upcoming holidays. His passion for his work and students is remarkable and he also takes the time to explain the process and areas with growth potential in a highly professional and patient manner to parents. We would have been lost without Gideon, he truly is a gift to our son’s education. We will expand Gideon’s services to English too and will definitely walk the challenging road of Grade 11 and 12 Afrikaans and English with Gideon every step of the way. ”  ~ Madre Henderson

“Gideon has been helping my son since grade 8 with preparation for his English and Afrikaans exams. He ensures your child is very well prepared for language, prescribed reading and poetry. He is passionate and enthusiastic and really cares about each student. I highly recommend him.”  ~ Angela Chemaly

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